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Service of Arrest Warrants

Service is done for summary, misdemeanor, and felony cases filed with the Magisterial District Courts and the County Court of Common Pleas.

Transportation of Prisoners

Providing transportation from jail to court, jail to jail, and anywhere court ordered.

Service of Civil Process

- Eviction notices.
- Hearing notices.
- Emergency protection from abuse orders (PFA).
- Divorce notification papers.
- Orders of possession.
- Orders of execution.
- Subpoena's.

Bail Revocation

Overseeing Removal of Property

Providing security while items are removed from a property (COURT ORDER NEEDED)

Case Review

With our experience, this allows us to review complaints and/or allegations filed against other constables for compliance with state laws.


Providing training for constables and other law enforcement agencies. Please view our available training page for classes provided and upcoming dates.

Traffic Control

Uniformed officers avaliable to provide traffic control in your area.